Surfcam Traditional Latest Release

What's New in Surfcam Traditional 2016 R2

The new Surfcam Traditional 2016 R2 offers a new “Groups” feature allowing users to pre-select geometry sets that will be used for several operations. Creating these groups prior to machining can save a huge amount of time during the process. Groups can be thought of as manually created features and can contain collections of point, curves or surfaces.

Surfcam Product Manager John Buehler says: “The introduction of geometry groups provides a new level of automation to the process for the Surfcam Traditional customer. Repetitive selection of geometry can be very tedious on complex geometries, grouping solves this.”

Surfcam Traditional 2016 R2 also introduce the use of the Vero Launcher providing a well-organized workspace for all of the tools that surround the Surfcam Traditional Product. Most recently used files, Help and documentation, Support utilities and Licensing tools are all easily accessible in one place.

Vero Software is proud to release the latest version of Surfcam Traditional and is committed to enhancing Surfcam Traditional now and in the future. 

Surfcam Traditional

See it in action here:

Watch a short video on using Groups.

Watch a short video on the Vero Launcher for Surfcam Traditional.